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Hey, could you recommend any lengthy, finished Phan-fiction c: preferably on a site other than Tumblr. Thankyouuu~

Sorry, can’t help you there :c
I know it sounds weird but I don’t even read phanfiction, I read a couple about a year ago but since then nada
I just kind of found that I can write them, even though I never read them?
Like basically I can think of plots for them and whatever ~

But if any of my followers know of any, I hope you hear of some ^.^

Dan and Phil are known by their friends as those two who should be a couple.
You know the type, the friends who are always together and always have been? The one’s that finish each other’s sentences, that remind the other of their parent’s birthdays, that love the same series and watch them in a marathon, curled up on a sofa in the flat they share and sweets balanced between them.

A couple, without being a couple.

It’s almost nauseatingly sweet, actually. When one starts dating their partner is always wary of the two’s closeness, wondering whether they’ve stumbled onto a complicated relationship and whether they should get out now. If they stick around long enough, they’ll find it is always that way. The pair will happily treasure their partner, but will also need time where they can lie in bed with the other and watch a film before falling asleep snuggled up together.

Sometimes this endears their current partner, sometimes it’s what turns them away. It’s just how it is.

One time in a drunken memory placed in a hazy pub which may or may not have been a mutual friend’s twentieth birthday, or even may have been a celebration for a new job for Dan. Well anyway, at one point in a great party Phil mumbles something about how they are ‘platonic life partners’ and from then on this is their label.

They aren’t bothered, the idea of them dating has probably crossed their minds at some point but had been batted away with amusement. They both love one another, but they can’t see themselves like that. It’s more like a need to spend every happy memory with the other so that they could both perfectly recount it. The recounting would probably be accompanied with amused glances at one another and halfway through they would just burst into giggles until the other picked up and finished the rest of the tale.

It’s just how it is.

The sounds of the background music of a video game filter through the room, absent for once of the accompanying sounds of the men swearing their way through the levels as they try to beat their high scores.

This is mostly because Phil had noticed Dan was yawning and practically falling asleep before the screen and had paused the game. Returning to the room, he carries the extra large blanket they keep in the living room for such occasions and slips behind Dan on the sofa, shuffling them both until he is curled behind the lighter-haired man and then tugs the blanket over them.

At the feel of the sudden weight over him, Dan sleepily rouses himself from sleep before realising it is just Phil. The two settle back down and leave the game on before them, too tired to try and find the remote to switch off the screen. It is usually about this time that Dan gets that thought in his head, Phil realises, and pauses in trying to pull the blanket back to cover his feet.


Phil smiles, sure enough, Dan’s voice gently says his name and so he lifts himself up on one elbow behind the younger man.

"One: Yes, this is probably odd to others. Two: No, I’m not bothered. And three: No, I will not get up and turn the TV off, do it yourself," Phil rattles the answers off with amusement in his tone before settling back down, knowing the other man is smiling and closing his eyes, all the questions in his sleep-addled mind now answered.

Their breathing gently filters out and the TV screen switches off after a half hour of sitting around doing nothing.

Perhaps, sometime in the future, they will get into long-term relationships, figure out what they’re doing in life and not see each other as much as they like.

Perhaps, they will heed their friend’s advice and try it together, find how they work and muddle their way through life together.

But for now, they are content. They are happy.

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sorry i couldn’t reply to the actual ask, tumblr is messing up for me right now and this is the only way i can reply (:
first all: thank you so much that you like my fics
second: i never know whether to be happy or said when i give people feels with my angst fics, so i’ll just laugh maniacally instead ~~~
third: i am planning on writing soon, maybe i’ll have time to write a new phanfic too, even though it’s been over a year since i’ve written a phanfic according to this blog

and i’m glad you enjoy my writing, that’s so lovely of you to say ^.^

Omfg I actually cried when I read it :'( It's AMAZING OMG are you going to write more?

Oh wow, thank you for letting me know
Comments are always appreciated
I hadn’t planned to, as I’m really not a fanfiction writer and this is the only fiction I’ve ever done, but if I do ever feel the urge to write again I’ll definitely post it on here right away for you all c:

i like your phanfictions :3

aw, thank you ^.^

Oh my God please, please keep writing your fic, I love it!!

Thank you, feedback on the fic is always appreciated ^.^
Sadly, that phanfic did actually finish there on a mini clifhanger, and I don’t plan to go any further with it, but if the creativity ever hits me again I will try and write another one and post it here, sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time but I’m not actually a writer, I just got a muse for one story and then it left me ~ 

Don't be sorry that I cried because of your story! That means it was really good because of the emotion you put into writing!

Well thank you then ^.^
I always feel a bit sorry if I make anyone sad anyway, especially since whenever I get the writing mood, my muse is always for angst stories, which is weird because I love fluffy stories
Ah well
I’m really glad you enjoyed the writing though, I did try to make it as heartfelt as possible so it’s great that it got through to at least one person c: 

Oh my god! I just read your phanfic and I can't stop crying. Your story is really good but really sad! Your writing is really amazing that I started crying not only from the plot but the emotion you get out of the text itself. It is a really interesting plotline. Hopefully there is more!

Oh wow, sorry I made you cry but it’s great that you love the story :D
These phanfics are actually the first pieces of fanfiction I’ve ever written, don’t know if I’ll ever do anymore but if I do it’ll be straight up on here c:

inameme asked:
the new phanfic is so beautiful i started to cry while reading it. i cant even. my emotions while reading that. your phanfics are amazing and so well written <3

Oh my god thank you so much<3
I actually can’t even believe it made you cry though, but thank you, you don’t even know what it means to hear someone say that.